Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have made the decision to cancel all league games as of today (17/03/2020).

The centre will remain open until Friday 20/03/2020, if anyone needs to get anything from their lockers please arrange to do so by this date.

Entertainment has been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

We will endeavor to update the website and Facebook page as best we can.

This decision has not been made lightly, the health & wellbeing of our members is of the utmost importance, and we hope you can all understand.

Thank You.

With the Government announcing yesterday that we were entering the “Delay” phase to address the spread of “COVID-19” in England, the EIBA have held discussions this morning relating to its forthcoming National Finals and
general guidance to its Member Clubs and Counties.

It has been agreed that the following National Final events will be postponed: –

• Monday 16th March to Saturday 28th March at Nottingham IBC
• Sunday 29th March – Egham Trophy at Desborough Northants IBC
• Wednesday 1st April to Thursday 9th April at Nottingham IBC
• Saturday 18th April – Top Club at Riverain IBC

In addition, all Regional EBYDS Finals and the U18’s International Trial are also postponed.

The EIBA will continue to follow the guidance and/or directives of the Government and Public Health England before announcing when the events are proposed to be re-scheduled, but this is unlikely to be before the Autumn of 2020.

In reaching this decision, the EIBA are fully aware that players/officials may have made accommodation arrangements for these finals, but its overriding concern is for the health and welfare of the bowlers, volunteers, administrators and spectators who would be at the events.

The demographics of the sport and the potential unknown underlying health issues of competitors/volunteers were key factors in reaching this decision.

For our Clubs and Counties, the EIBA recommend that they also consider the profile of their members and act appropriately for any planned activities now and in the future.

Currently the guidance from Government is that club sport fixtures can take place but to implement the following actions:-

• Regular washing of hands
• Use of Alcohol based hand sanitiser
• Coughing or sneezing into tissues which are then immediately placed into a bin
• Don’t touch your face unless hands have been washed
• Members who develop symptoms or a cough to self-isolate
• Thoroughly wiping down bowls before and after use
• The shaking of hands pre and post-match to not take place

We will continue to monitor the situation and will act appropriately, if and when the advice from the Government/Public Health England changes.

The latest guidance can be found at:

Sport England




If any of our members are affected by the corona virus, and find themselves needing to self isolate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Office Staff, and we will ensure that you are not left lonely or without essential groceries/medications. You can reach us by telephone – 01207236941 or email –


Our Board of Directors

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Vice Chair – Jack Pye
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